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Hole-by-Hole Features

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Hole 1



The hole no. 1 is 410 yards par 4 from the gold tee with Chrysopogon turf on fairways and roughs and with Paspalum greens. It is relatively flat with two fairway bunkers on the right, a grass bunker and a mango tree that are definitely crucial factors in choosing right clubs and approaches on the left. The green is a monostand of seashore paspalum. It is about 315 square meters with cross undulations towards the back but transitioning to a slight uphill near the rear end. It is guarded by two (2) bunkers on the left and mounds with dense turf covers on the right.


Hole 2      


A 463 yards long par 4, handicap 1 from the gold tee with OB on the left and lateral water hazard on the right. Both sides are guarded by full grown trees. The tee mounds rest above the fairway but it’s a steep uphill towards the green. A fairway bunker is located at the left side of the fairway. This hole is friendly to long, accurate hitters. Three (3) green-side bunkers are situated near the green. The green is inclined uphill making putting for an over-shot pin difficult. Paspalum covers the 2nd green


Hole 3

Hole 3 is a par-3, 170 yards to the centre of the green. It is guarded by four (4) green-side bunkers. It is a Zoysia green with a relatively flat surface but with slight left to right breaks towards the back.


Hole 4





Hole 4 is 458 yards from the gold tee. An intervention canal-turned bunker that run across the fairway discourages long and accurate shots. A hazard runs on the right side parallel to the fairway while the left side is OB. The green is Paspallum and covers an area of about 352 square meters.


Hole 5






It is a long (222 yards) par 3. Tees and greens are elevated but it is a steep uphill to the green. Both sides of the green are entrenched with deep bunkers. A paspalum green that is hostile to over shots.


Hole 6





This is a deceiving short par 5 with 508 yards from the gold tee. The three lagoons that lie directly on tee, second and third shots will definitely intimidate players from going all out with their long clubs. It is another paspalum uphill green with general breaks from right to left.


Hole 7

Dogleg left 441 yards par 4 from the gold tee. There’s a wide fairway bunker that would challenge golfers who will try to carry their tee shots in the middle of the fairway. On the other hand trees and bunkers await golf balls that will roll from the right. The fairway looks huge for golf ball reception but the bunkers and trees that are definitely a factor for tee shots actually made it narrow.

Hole 8





This is a dogleg left short par 4 with 390 yards from the gold tee and have a very wide fairway. A draw flight of ball would be an ideal shot else you would end up to a fairway bunker and two mounds at the right but a big mango tree is strategically placed on the left side of the fairway. Green is being guarded by two bunkers at the right and one deep bunker on the left. The green is inclined uphill and covered with paspalum grass.


Hole 9





This hole is a handicap 3, Par 5 with 544 yards from the gold tee and has a very wide undulating fairway. Aim tee shot at the right to avoid a mango tree in the middle of the fairway for clear 2nd shot. Two small bunkers are on the right of fairway while two big mounds on the right and a fairway bunker on the left of fairway i.e. 120 yards before the green. Elevated and uphill green is covered by the combination of Paspalum and Zoysia grasses and heavily guarded by 5 greenside bunkers. Good selection of club is necessary for an approach shot to make a par.


Hole 10





Its 431 yards par 4 that is slightly bending to the right. Ideal tee shot would be left half of the fairway and avoid fairway bunker and dense rough on the right which would make a very difficult 2nd shot. Green is covered with Paspalum grass guarded by two big bunkers. Missing the green on the right would be a difficult recovery.


Hole 11





A 453 yards par 4 and has a straight, and narrow fairway bounded by hazard on the left and out of bounds on the right. There are two big mounds on the right side of fairway with a small fairway bunker as an obstacle. Green is small and elevated that need precise 2nd shot and covered with paspalum grass. Green is surrounded with four bunkers, two from the left and the other from the right side. It is a very evident hole, aiming your shot centre of the fairway, your ball might kick left towards the water hazard.


Hole 12





A shortest Par 3 hole (177 yards on the gold tee) with wide lagoon in front of the tee mounds. Green is Zoysia grass and strongly sloped especially on the front, and it is surrounded by three deep green side bunkers. Any duck hook will be a difficult shot recovery.


Hole 13





A very short par 5 (410 yards from the gold tee) but tee shot is crucial because of a tree on the middle of target zone, bunch of trees on the right and hazard on the left. Fairway is wide but with small target green of 333 square meters guarded by three wide bunkers around it. It is the only green covered with Tif eagle grass. Use left side of fairway as ideal landing spot of your tee shot.


Hole 14





A 403 yards handicap 10 Par 4 with very wide fairway. Ideal shot would be on the left half of fairway for a clear 2nd shot. A ball on the right of fairway will be a difficult 2nd shot because of mango tree that blinds the elevated green. Left side of the fairway is not only down slope, it is slanting towards the hazard as well. Green is Zoysia grass that is sloped from back to front.


Hole 15





One of the downhill Par 3 of 205 yards from the gold tee. A widest green with a measurement of 588 square meters. Green is Zoysia grass and relatively flat and guarded with five small bunkers. Tee shot on the left half of the green will be ideal.


Hole 16





A very short par 4 (367 yards on the gold) but has a very short fairway opening that needs precise tee shot or opt to go over the trees on long hitters to land the ball on the fairway. Short iron shot will be on the 2nd shot for an average golfer targeting a very wide undulating green.


Hole 17





A dogleg left par 4 with a very narrow fairway with 411 yards from the gold tee. Long hitter may aim their tee shots over the trees left of fairway for an easy downhill 2nd shot. Green is small and guarded by three bunkers including one on the front left.


Hole 18





A short par 5 and signature hole of the course. A forest fronting the tee mounds, downhill tee shot and a relatively small target will be a challenge. There are two water hazards at both right and left sides also with a two bunkers located in the left side of the fairway. Narrow fairway is dogleg right with a cascade before the green. Green is Zoysia grass and is dramatically sloped from back to front.

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KC Filipinas Golf Resort Club, Inc. is one of the most challenging golf courses in the Philippines. This golf course in San Pedro Laguna is surrounded by thousands of trees and the greens are well kept in excellent condition. There is a clear view from the tee to green, and the fairways are long and firm. KC Filipinas is open everyday from 5:00am to 7:00pm.

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